Hello Lovely, don’t I know you?

You’re that super-amazing entrepreneur who pops into view literally every time I go online.  You’re always creating something new and amazing, helping others with helpful feedback, and whenever there’s a call for a coach / consultant / copywriter / designer / healer (delete as appropriate*) it’s your name that keeps cropping up again and again and again.

Your peers look up to you and wonder just how you do it; how you manage to host webinars that draw crowds as big as the Black Friday sales; how you’ve grown a super-engaged community of thousands in just a few short months; and how you seem to successfully monetize everything you create.

Seriously, every time you launch people are clambering to be part of your programs and yet you never seem to be working?  I’ve seen your Instagram feed lovely, and you always seem to be enjoying delicious looking plates of yum in the middle of the day, having adventures with your family, or taking time out your day just for you.


Because right now you’re out there but you feel like you have to hustle – constantly just to keep your head above water.  You know you offer amazing products and services that truly make a difference, and your clients think you do an amazing job – but you can’t help feel like every other entrepreneur is out there doing it better.

The truth is you’re struggling and taking the long way round with everything; your programs are a freaking nightmare to deliver; you’re burning through money on Facebook Ads and dabbling in social media platforms that don’t really seem to be extending your reach; and it takes approximately 13 separate emails to arrange a session between you, your client, and that Filofax you can’t live without.  Agh!

If you’re really honest, you’ve been battling a serious case of the doubts of late and though you’ve been trying hard not to listen to that damn monkey on your back, you’re dangerously close to believing you (gulp!) might not be all that amazing after all.



I’m Kerrie Rycroft and I’m about to help you build a pair of wings for that fledgling business of yours, so you can bloody well make it fly!

I help entrepreneurs all over the world raise their game by getting insanely clear about their offerings, build sales funnels their customers love being part of, and getting super-organized so they can show up like pros (who take long lazy lunches) online.

With over 12 years experience of building multi-million dollar businesses from scratch by creating relationships, generating referrals and using social media, I remember what it’s like to spend hours on Facebook and Twitter trying to build your community, without really making any progress or any money.

I also know that getting a business off the ground can be (let’s be honest for a minute) a teeny tiny bit of a head fuck.  When everywhere you look people are raving about the crazy results they’re getting with the latest must-have shiny tech solution, sharing about their most recent multiple six-figure launch, and not putting a foot out of place with a super-slick content strategy, it’s hard not to fear that you might fail.

But you’re a realist and the truth is, you know you haven’t got time for trial and error, the money to burn on promoting social media posts that don’t seem to get you results, or the misguided belief that everything will just suddenly click and magically be OK, which is exactly why I created my exciting new mastermind JUST FOR YOU


Your Best Year in Business is a 6 month live digital program for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who want to leverage their brilliance online, overcome their technical tribulations and build the business and lifestyle they truly crave.

During the mastermind you’ll:

▪ MORE THAN make back your investment in the program, if you follow all the instructions and take action and show up fully you should expect to make back at least 10 times your investment. Simples.

▪ Have the skills to ensure a constant stream of new leads into your business – you’ll be able to book as many clarity calls as you want

▪ Be able to leverage you time and skills so that you are being paid what you are WORTH for your knowledge

▪ Be crystal clear on how to package your product, program or services online

▪ Know exactly who your ideal customer is and know exactly where to find her in her digital habitat

▪ Have tamed all your tech including your opt-in delivery, mailing lists, landing pages, autoresponders and booking system to support your ever growing business

▪ Be the proud owner of a fully built out high value, low sleaze sales funnel that fits you and your ideal customers perfectly and is bringing you in leads and MONEY every day

▪ Be getting noticed online thanks to your social media strategy

▪ Have confidence in your investment every time you place a Facebook / Twitter or Linkedin Ad



Your Best Year in Business mastermind includes:


– Immediate access to my 6 week Social Media course




– Weekly group coaching calls

These are held at 2pm UK time every Thursday.  Come along with your questions and lets get them answered.

– Ad hoc Support

Access to me through email, Facebook messenger or Skype to ask questions and for support

– Facebook group

Access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group just for mastermind participants, where you can share, inspire and encourage and support each other!

– 1 amazing 3 day retreat

Retreats are held in Feb and in August where you will be learning and implementing in person (the Feb retreat is going to be either in the US or Australia and the August one will be in the UK)


You’re ready to have your Best Year in Business if:

▪You’re killing yourself working around the clock in a one-to-one business model – you’re ready to take a step back, automate and leverage your gifts online

▪You feel you have to be physically present to make anything happen in your business (hint: you don’t and I’ll show you how)

▪You’re ready to see your community swell as you grow your following with people who can’t wait to see and hear what you’ll be launching next

▪You’re ready to gather up all your ambition, put yourself out there and really be seen

▪You’re excited to have me in your corner for 12 months as your coach, to support, empower and encourage you as you build your business and watch it take-off

You’re probably not ready to have your Best Year in Business if:

▪You’re super new to business and don’t really know who you are or what you offer yet

▪You’re just looking for a super quick fix or a magic wand – it takes time to implement the kind of lasting change and lay the groundwork that’ll benefit your business for years to come

▪You believe joining another program will fix all your problems – you’ve got to be prepared to carve out time to implement what I’m about to teach you to elevate your business online

▪Technology genuinely scares and confuses you and you need extreme handholding even to post a blog for example (If this is you, check out my done for you services which I promise will save you time and a whole lot of heartache!)

▪You generally struggle to take on a challenge and accept you’re responsible for driving it and making it happen – this program is for action takers who know they’ll get out what they put in

If you’re ready to make this happen then book a call to talk to me about it.

And because I know that investing in your self is scary I have a fair and clear refund policy in place.  If after 8 weeks in the Your Best Year in Business Mastermind you feel that you have not improved your business at all or received the value you were promised, you can apply for a full refund.  I will ask to see the work that you’ve done and I would expect that you would have turned up to a reasonable number of the group calls and one on one sessions but if you have honestly showed up and done the work required and are not happy with your results then I will refund you.


The investment for Your Best Year in Business Mastermind is

£4000 if paid in full


£1000 per month for the 6 month duration