What are you REALLY good at in your business?

What’s the one thing you’ve always been able to do that you assumed was just normal until you realised that maybe it was something that other people couldn’t do?

One of my favourite party trick skills is to be able to look at a dropbox full of content from someone who has been running their business for years, and clearly see how it all maps out into an online business. Sales funnels, products, upsells and downsells, free optin gifts, stories that can be told in the email sequences – it all becomes clear before my eyes and I love to map it all out, and then show the owner of all that content exactly what they can create. It’s like a jigsaw.

Some people would be intimidated by 1000 pieces of puzzle in a box with no picture of what its supposed to look like, but not me. I look at all those little pieces and instantly know what connects to what to make it look exactly how it needs to look.

What’s your favourite skill in your business?

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