Are you ready to build an online course that gives you time and money freedom like you really want?

The online course you’ve been working on, scrambling late at night with fillable pdfs and recording videos, while the rest of the house slumbers peacefully.  It’s a game-changer.

It’s specifically designed for your Ideal Client to achieve something valuable, enriching, life-giving, empowering.  

It would be empowering, enriching, and valuable to you, too, if you could just find the time to get it in front of people who’ll buy it and get a lot out of it, rather than buggering about with *allthethings* you need to do to get it ready.

You’ve had your first, second or possibly even your third, or eighth launch. You got maybe three to five people signing up on your ‘early bird’ price. Two of the people who signed up were engaged, asked you questions, and made their way through most of the course. You got their testimonials; of course, they’re glowing.

The thing is, you can’t help but feel simultaneously elated, yet defeated.

It’s time to celebrate, right? You DID it. Your business coach told you to be proud of yourself. To celebrate. Woooo.

A big dinner out with your favourite people? A Netflix binge in your PJs? Just wine? A nice long pour of Doom Bar in a quiet corner with a great book?

Yet, it all feels flat. You’d really love to feel great about yourself, but the sign-up number you had feels pitiful, rather than an achievement. Especially given all the hard work you put into making your online course, and the results that tens, hell, hundreds (maybe one day, thousands) of your soul-mate clients could’ve had… if only they’d signed up.  If only you knew what you were doing so you didn’t have to figure it out at every tiny step.

You want to show your spouse, kids, friends, that it’s not all a big scam, pipe dream or joke, that people really do succeed at this online shizz, and hell yes you’re one of them.

A feeling of powerlessness hits you in the sternum everytime you think about not being able to. When does it get better?

How much more do you have to ‘show up’, be ‘visible’?

How much longer do you have to consistently pour out your best content before you start to see a little love, back?

When does it start to work for you, after all this energy, time, and money?

It’s frustrating, exhausting, and overwhelming. You really don’t know what to do differently.  Trying to figure it out by yourself leaves you feeling cold, tired and fed-up… likely with a straw in that wine you’re supposed to be celebrating with.

I don’t blame you.  But, bugger that.

How would it feel to finally get it ‘right’, and be able to show your partner, friends, family, kids (not to mention yourself), that you can do this, do it damn well, and have people pay you for it?

What if you didn’t have to ever wonder again about ‘how’ or ‘what to do, and when’?

What if the online course tech, the structure of the content, the machinery of it all was no longer a confusing yet tedious thing taking up all your time, for far too long? After all, that’s time you could be spending telling people about your amazing onlien course.

You can’t sell a secret.

What if you knew, that at the end of two months, you’d have the whole online course created, and have sold it all the way throughout those two months, with complete confidence?

Hi – my name is Kerrie and I am a kick arse copywriter, social media expert, online business building superstar, sales funnel queen and generally all round good person. 

My purpose in life is to help you create a profitable, scalable, amazingly shiny and full of wonder online course so that you can earn money in your sleep, reach more people with your work and generally live a long, happy and healthy life*

One of my superpowers is being able to have a conversation with someone and take the contents of that conversation and use it to create a valuable and impactful online course for clients who have brilliant ideas and inspire exceptional results, just like you.

But you don’t want that.  You want to be able to create your online course yourself.  You want to be able to create any course in the future, anytime, and know exactly what to do at every stage.  

*long happy and healthy life not ACTUALLY guaranteed.  Sorry about that.

So that’s what I’m offering, at online course at a fraction of the done-for-you price.

You’re confident in your course.  You’re confident in your work.

You’re sick of losing that confidence, and feeling powerless, insecure, and out of options because you don’t know what you don’t know.

You want to be confident in your ability to get your course done to your own high standards by the time you promised your excited customers you would.  

You want to be secure knowing that you can easily upgrade your course whenever you desire.

You want to have the funds to create the course as you go, not just bootstrap it with the cheapest options until after you’ve got it ready to launch.  

You want to keep being the inspirational, motivated, excited, and powerful person that others seek for guidance right from the beginning… all the way through building your course.

You want your family and friends to be proud of your success now, not just believe in you until you’ve got it.  

That’s why I created this mastermind.  Just.  For.  You.

In just two months, I will lead you through every single step of the process of creating your phenomenal online course, providing templates and step by step guidance, just for you. 

You will come into the mastermind with an idea of what you want your online course to be about and I will tease all of the steps out of your head and I will provide you with every template you need to design, build and sell the course to your ideal clients. 

You will join me, and other inspiring and inspired creators each week on a live call where you will complete your online course, step by step.

The whole process will be so simple that you won’t even realise that you’ve done it until you’ve started making sales of your online course.

Eight weeks.  Eight stages of course design and on-the-spot implementation, and better yet – 

You’ll start selling your course within the first 2 weeks.

You get to be successful, now. You won’t just be given the tools to make your course a success, you’ll be shown exactly how you can do it, with my guidance, with troubleshooting and accountability, every week.

Stop and think for just a second: In just over two months from now, you could’ve pre-sold your online course (often in your sleep), created it all, and launched it.  

That feeling in your belly you can feel when you think of yourself in two months time – that elation peppered with butterflies –  that’s how it always feels just before you know you’re about to do something incredible, isn’t it?   Yes.

It will change your life.  It certainly changed mine.

I’m a single mum of at least 24 phenomenal children. Only four of them are human, and they’re all bright and brilliant, loving, kind and generous.

This time 4 years ago the children and I were homeless and I had almost $250,000 of personal debt from a previous business failure.  Pretty crap place to be, right?

Now, that debt is all paid off and I’m just working out which forever home to buy for us.

Last year I had to take 6 months off work. My son went through a really difficult time – all the ugliness of family court burst into our lives, and his brave soul was left stinging and sore.  My youngest girl often suffers in the emergency room – any and all hours are fair game – while we manage her heart condition together.

The only reason I am able to take time off during these kinds of times, without worrying about how I am going to pay all my bills was because I have an online business and membership site set up that bring me in a sustainable income each month.

Parts of life can be incredibly hard.  Pouring time and love into those times would’ve been a helluva lot harder if I had to work nine to five, five days a week in order to keep making money.

I want to help you give yourself the same time and money freedom.

The way you’ve been doing it isn’t working.

There is another way.

A way to reach more customers without working more hours.

A way to bring in more money without working more hours.

A way to leverage your time and skills so that you are running a super successful online business, without having had to struggle for months with all the tech that goes with it.

And I can make it easy for you to have that, building your course, side by side WITH you.

(If you’d like your course built for you, so you can get your hands dirty elsewhere in your business, garden or pony paddock, that’s still an option.  Book a call in my calendar for more information on this.)

Just a few testimonials I have received from happy customers!


Lots of new ideas to implement, thanks for the course!

David Richardson


Thanks for putting together such a great course Kerrie!

Coral Bell 


Kerrie is a butt-kicking online coach & the one I turn to for help with my online biz

Gemma Regaldo Hawkley


Kerrie’s workshop was very clear, helpful, informative and engaging

Dan Harder


Very enjoyable and informative course, thank you Kerrie!

Lois Hipgrave


Kerrie’s training meant that I was able to begin earning cash from my business straight away – woohoo!

Kirsty Calo


Kerrie has lived up to expectations with great advice and encouragement along the journey so far.

John Davy


Very good workshop content, excellent session

Jessica Moore


Very thorough workshop with lots of tips, thank you Kerrie!

Debra Oakaby


Kerrie was so approachable and down-to-earth that it felt like a friend was expertly guiding me

Jo Gillibrand


Kerrie is that rare blend of creativity, talent, conscientiousness and professionalism.

Cara Sutra


Great course which gave me a brilliant Insight to growing my biz

Rich Faulds


Great information that I hadn’t heard before, it will definitely help me grow my business

Asena Yaman 


Lots of new ideas to implement, thanks for the course

David Smith 


Really interesting course, I have a great idea of how to move forwards in growing my business now.  Thank you

Clare Payne


Very good course, thanks

John Brown


Really good course, made me feel better that I’m doing some things right even though I have a long way to go!

Sarah Borril


Kerrie knows her stuff. I am STOKED. If you’ve been in overwhelm trying to keep all the balls in the air with your business HIRE HER. You will not regret it!

Lisa Sharp 


Kerrie is the very reason I more than doubled my income each of the first 4 months of going full-time.

Mariska Anderson 


Having Kerrie on my team is a massive confidence boost, bringing her onside is one of my best business decisions to date

Karen Quinn


I love that we can pop into the Facebook group to ask questions or seek clarification on something and Kerrie jumps in and helps out really quickly

Simone Samuels

This is not for you if :

You predominantly sell products.  Unless you want to make an online course to teach other people how to sell products….

You want something that is going to be easy.

You don’t want to have to think for yourself about your online course, and your customers and clients who will be buying it.  

You just want to laze around on the beach with all the passive income you could make.  You can, in two months, begin to create a wonderful amount of space – of ease and relief, time, peace and comfort –  for yourself, with the money you can make selling your courses. But you’re not the right fit for this mastermind if all you want to do with that space is sip umbrella drinks in Bora Bora.  This mastermind is for people who want to use that space they’ve created to further impact the world in a passionately positive way.  We can all celebrate in Bora Bora, but then we’ll get back to kicking arse and taking names, changing lives and saving the world.

You aren’t willing to learn… and fail. Learning and success involve experiencing failure… if you’re not willing to fail as you go, and learn from your failures to make a better online course, and make better sales, this mastermind is not for you.

You haven’t tried and failed (in your own eyes at least) at launching your online course already.   That might seem mean, but until you’ve discovered what happens when you don’t ‘get it right’, you likely won’t put your soul and excitement into this mastermind… and everyone else on the mastermind needs your experience and input.  Chin up buttercup, it’ll be offered again at a later date, and hey, maybe you’ll get it right first time anyway!

If you’re sick of the same old lack of results, and you’d love to get your online course set up, written, ALREADY SELLING, and working beautifully, in two months, alongside myself and others just like you… this mastermind is for you.

If you like the results I’ve achieved, for myself and others, and it’s exciting to think that in two months you could have achieved far more in my mastermind than you have so far… this mastermind is for you.  

My done-for-you course creation is £5,000, one time deal for one course.

The Online Course Mastermind is £997, and you can do it over and over again – joining us live for every ‘round’, selling and creating, selling and creating.  There’s excellent potential to pre-sell your course and pay this investment back to yourself in the first two weeks.  

I’d love to have you join us.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive information about the calls, an invitation to join the Facebook group (that’s right, there’s still no better way to connect with the lovely people who’ve bought your course) and a place to get started, right now, before we even meet.  

One Off investment

  • Full access to the mastermind Unlimited email access to Kerrie One personal coaching call with Kerrie

3 Monthly payments

  • Full access to the mastermind