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So, here’s the thing.

I set up a magazine business back in the early 2000s.  And it failed in 2012.  The internet hated me over it.  If you google my name you’ll see lots of negative blog posts written about me, including a very famous one from a lady called Sally in Australia whose blog is called Pompoms.  She never met me, didn’t know me, refused to speak to me when I offered to talk to her about it all those years ago, I don’t think she lost any money in the administration of my business (although she may have paid £30 to subscribe to one of the magazines for a year and lost some of that, I can’t remember now) but she hates me.

Sounds normal, right?

And she is the self proclaimed authority on my life.  Which is interesting, I often think about emailing her and asking her what the hell I should cook for dinner because nobody else in the world seems to have an opinion as strong about me as she does.

She even plotted my family tree and discovered that one of my great great grandparents was a criminal – clearly it runs in the genes.  Never did ask her to send me the details of my ancestors, probably would have saved me some time though if ever I decide to get into genealogy.


Every now and again a well meaning disgruntled person finds the links to this negative stuff about me and proceeds to make it their mission to “out me” for my mistakes.

Cue the internet being super busy for a few days while everyone is sent messages containing links to my “shameful past” before the internet realises that its old news and actually they really do have a life to live, business to run, children to torment over mistakes THEY made multiple years ago and get on with it.

I never really understood how I could be “outed” over something I “outed” myself over years ago.  I haven’t changed my name, I haven’t ever hidden from the fact.  I talk about it publicly a lot.

So I’m not sure how “outing” me is supposed to do me any harm. But still, they do it.

A few years ago I ran a webinar on the top 10 mistakes I made which killed my million pound business.

It was scary to record and even now I watch it back and cringe at both the mistakes that I made, and how terrified I am in the video.

Sharing vulnerabilities like this is important to me.  But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I’ve posted about this kind of stuff on Facebook as well if you want to read the most recent post.

In the words of Rag n Bone Man.  I’m only human after all.

You can watch the video below if you’re bored and need something to make you feel a whole lot better about YOUR past mistakes.





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