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Hey there,
Do you struggle to use social media to generate new leads for your business, find new clients, or close sales?
Are you fed up with trying to use Facebook ads to get new clients and going around in circles with no real positive ROI?
I understand your pain. The truth is, there are so many different ways of connecting with your customers online that it can be hard to know which is the best way for you.
HOWEVER, I have perfected a way in which you can generate ‘LEADS’ consistently for YOUR business, without spending money on Facebook ads or days searching for the latest technique.

My name is Kerrie Rycroft and I am a sales and marketing expert who has achieved a high-level of success building businesses online. I have over 20 years of experience in marketing, during which time I’ve built a number of businesses using the internet to find new leads and customers, and tried just about every method of online lead generation going. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies and individuals and taught people from all over the world my own proven techniques of how to be successful and make money online.

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The Secret LinkedIn Formula That Works

With Kerrie’s extensive online marketing experience over the years, she has built up a ‘clear’ understanding of what works, and what doesn’t work when using social media to approach potential clients.

She has used her wealth of experience and knowledge of online business, to devise a process that can be used on LinkedIn that can generate ‘LEADS’, consistently, without the need for paid advertising.

What Sort of Results Can I Expect?

 Kerrie’s ‘Linkedin training formula’ and coaching has helped her bring in over 500 new connections in a week, book over 30 sales calls in just 2 days and bring in over $8,000 of sales in just 8 days.

Her online business building training courses have helped her students setup hundreds of profitable businesses that bring in over £5,000 income a month.

She has even helped one client TRIPLE her business every month for 3 months and many others earn a regular passive income which pays all their bills every month.

Kerrie can help YOU to generate leads and build a business using LinkedIn.

  So, What Do I Get For My Investment?

The full $8K in 8 days LinkedIn Training course  – this is the magic formula that when followed to the letter will generate leads for you on demand.  It is proven, effective and will change your business for the better.


Double your money back guarantee.  Kerrie has so much confidence in her PROVEN LinkedIn lead generation system that she offers a Double Your Money Back Guarantee.  If you follow her system and guidance step by step and do not get a single positive reply after 30 days of implementing the strategy she will refund you double what you paid for the training.

Here’s what some of Kerrie’s previous students have had to say about her online courses :


Lots of new ideas to implement, thanks for the course!

David Richardson


Kerrie’s workshop was very clear, helpful, informative and engaging

Dan Harder


Very enjoyable and informative course, thank you Kerrie!

Lois Hipgrave


Kerrie’s training meant that I was able to begin earning cash from my business straight away – woohoo!

Kirsty Calo


Very good workshop content, excellent session

Jessica Moore


Very thorough workshop with lots of tips, thank you Kerrie!

Debra Oakaby


Great information that I hadn’t heard before, it will definitely help me grow my business

Asena Yaman 


Really interesting course, I have a great idea of how to move forwards in growing my business now.  Thank you

Clare Payne


Having Kerrie on my team is a massive confidence boost, bringing her onside is one of my best business decisions to date

Karen Quinn

Ready to Get Out There And Make Some Money Online? Ready to accelerate your business to new levels? Ready to generate more leads than you ever imagined possible

How I made over $8K in a week on LinkedIn

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P.S. – Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose here, but everything to gain. With Kerrie’s strategy, experience and knowledge she will help you to get your business to where it needs to be by generating leads on demand from LinkedIn.