If I were to start a project on 1st May to set up a new online business in a field where I have no clients, no credibility and no customers – would you be interested in following along with my progress and seeing just how quickly I can scale it to 5K a month? (best guess is between 30 and 60 days)

This is the service that we offer to our clients and I thought it might be interesting to run one as a case study so that I can document it all and show you exactly what I do.

There will probably be 2 levels, the free one where I’ll post once a week with an update on what’s happened that week and give you a progress report and a paid group where my team and I will post multiple times every day and tell you exactly what we’re doing, how we did it, what worked, what needed improvement and share step by step all of our actions.

The paid group won’t be expensive, probably £50 ish?

I’d love to hear whether this would be interesting to you – you’re under no obligation to join or buy if you reply but do you think this would be interesting to follow? Would you like to see exactly how I plan, launch, build and scale an online business to $5K a month in less than 60 days?
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