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Hi – my name is Kerrie Rycroft and I am a kick arse copywriter, social media expert, online business building superstar, sales funnel queen and generally all round good person.  (unless you ask my ex husband or my teenage son on a bad day, but you know, nobody is perfect – right?)

My purpose in life is to help you create a profitable, scalable, amazingly shiny and full of wonder online business so that you can earn money in your sleep, reach more people with your work and generally live a long, happy and healthy life*

One of my superpowers is being able to help you get insanely clear on who you serve, what you offer and how to turn either your book (if you’ve written one) or the contents of your head into a profitable, scaleable online course.  

I passionately believe that anyone can build an online course.  And if you don’t think that you can then I challenge you to book a call with me and I’ll prove it to you by helping you map one out then and there.

*sadly not guaranteed.  I’m good but not that good.

In which you download my courses, and learn in your own time with some support from my team and I.  You get all of the templates and training that you need plus the opportunity to ask me questions as you go.
These hand holding (not literally, don’t worry) options are where we work together and I mentor and support you every step of the way to build the course and business that you deserve, sounds exciting right?
Ooooh this one is good, where you don’t have to concern yourself with any of the process, tech, building, copywriting, graphic design or anything other than running your business while we do the online business work for you.

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