One of my goals is to talk to 5 people every day about how they can bring online income into their business. Not necessarily to sell to them but to educate. To share my story. To show them the difference having online courses, masterminds, products set up is making to my business and my life.

I love these calls.

Every day I speak to so many different people, from authors of multiple books to authors who are still writing their first book. From business coaches to life coaches and mindset and spiritual coaches. I speak to consultants, service providers, social media managers, copywriters and graphic designers.

Finding out about everyone, what they do, how they do it, what they dream of and hope for in their business – I love it. 

And a side benefit for me is if they choose to work with me. But I don’t ever put pressure on anyone, I love working with people who want to work with me – not those who I have sold into it when they weren’t sure.

So, have I spoken to you yet? And if not why not?

If you have half an hour to spare, I’m pretty sure I can show you how you can incorporate an online product into your business, potentially even one that can bring you in 6 figures of income over the next 12 months.

Does that sound like a good use of your time?

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