You’re ready for 2018 to be the year that you really explode your business.


Well, you have 2 choices this year. 

You can be the person who gets into work each morning and wonders where their next customers are going to come from.  You can spend your days going back through old leads, phoning people who once upon a time expressed an interest in working with you, cold calling, sending emails and posting frantically on social media all day in the hope that the right person will find you.


You can be the person who starts their day off by checking their paypal account to see who bought their products overnight, then move onto checking your online calendar to see who has booked a discovery session with you to work with you on a high ticket basis, then go to your Facebook ads and have a look to see if anything needs tweaking before doing a Facebook live, writing some blog posts and delivering your amazing content to your customers.

Who do you want to be?

The second person?  Great.  

Well, if you already have your online systems set up properly you’ll be this person already.  Congratulations….

If not then you and I need to talk.

Because I have a new product just for you.

I am basically giving you my entire business.  

Gift wrapped.  With a bow on top.  

Happy Birthday.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Easter.  You’ve just saved yourself years of struggle and learning and implementing and building and learning the tech and testing.  

I’m giving you ALL of my funnels that I use every day in my business, built for you.  Social Media profiles.  Copy.  Images.  Content.  

If you don’t take this and build a 6 figure business with it then something is really wrong.  REALLY WRONG.  

I’m giving you the keys to my castle, inviting you to move in and make yourself at home.  

And to make your wing of the castle even more comfortable I am going to work with you for 3 months after the funnels have been built for you and delivered to you – so that you know exactly how to make them work for you.  

We can test them and tweak them together.  You’ll get one on one access to me and my team to answer any questions and help you be super successful.

My team are on standby.  

We’re ready and waiting to do this for you.

I have space for 10 people to take up this offer at the RIDICULOUS price of £1000.

After that it will be increasing to the still incredibly good price of £2500.

If all 8 go today then tomorrow the price increases.  

In all honesty I think it will take me a week to find these 8 people.  (I found 2 already just by mentioning it in passing to a couple of people in FB messenger chats)

If you want to talk to me about i then go ahead, book a call and lets talk. But be quick

If you’re ready to commit and say YES! Then click here to make payment.  I’ll then send you an in-depth questionnaire to fill out and a date that we will be able to start.  

If you’re one of the 8 your funnels will be built by the end of Feb.  No later.  

This is being offered on a true first come first served basis.  I understand that not everyone will be ready to step up at this level but if you’re really serious about having a super successful online business this year then you’ll do it.

Lets do this!