I had a really interesting conversation this week (well, lots really but this one in particular) with a potential client who mentioned she was earning around £5k a month but working 50-60 hours a week to do so.

This is a really common story with authors and coaches who I speak to every day. The money is good but they are working flat out and often have no idea where their next clients or leads are coming from.

My response was, “What if we got you to the stage where you were still earning the same but in 20 hours a week by using online products?”

Not everyone wants to earn more money. Sometimes I think that the best gift I give my clients is more time and more space.

I love asking the question “What would you do with those extra 10/20/30 hours a week?” I get amazing answers ranging from spend more time with my kids, volunteer, set up a other business, put more effort back into this business, look after my parents.

So now I’m asking you. What would you do if you could earn the same money and have a greater impact on people’s lives in half the time? What could you create in that space?


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