A lot of the time, the experts that we meet up and work with have all this amazing knowledge in their heads, but they just don’t know where to start in turning that towards an online course. It could be brain fog, a lack of direction, or a fear of the unknown that stops these brilliant clients from achieving their true potential.

One person that we worked with last year was in this exact position. Daryl was a cold calling, telesales genius who got great results for his clients by doing the jobs that nobody else wanted to do. He specialised in taking the hard stuff away from his clients and handling it himself. He cold-called prospects to book appointments for the sales teams, and nobody could do it better than him.

He’d been doing this for over 20 years, and his work had led to millions of pounds of business. He was something of a hidden weapon, and once you discovered him, he was guaranteed to make you money.

You’re probably thinking that this all sounds pretty great, right? The only problem Daryl had was his lack of social media presence. He had no idea how to take this knowledge, experience and proven success online, and turning it into an online course that he could use to make money.

I sat in a beer garden of my local pub one evening, enjoying a drink and watching the children play on the swings. It was there that I talked to him, asking him questions about what he did, his process, and why he did each step – what was the point? He told me stories and anecdotes to support his reasoning, and how he turned problems into successes. I dug deeper into everything he said and ended up writing about 18 A4 pages of notes in my scrawly handwriting.

Once we’d finished, I took those notes away and wrote them up into a simple, 5-module online course with my team.

We sent him over the course outline, which looked a little something like this;

  • For each module, we told him what we wanted him to cover, and asked him questions about where the gaps were for us to fill. We told him which of his stories fitted in and asked him to agree that the actions we’d identified were correct for the content of the course we’d written.
  • We went back and forth a couple of times, until we had a course outline that we were both happy with.
  • We then created him slides to record over (don’t worry, we also enjoyed editing everything to crisp perfection), and gave him a training session in how to use zoom build his online course videos.
  • Once we had completed the videos, we created professional worksheets and transcripts for the course based on his guidance, and uploaded them to an exclusive members area

It really was that easy.

We supported him in selling the first 10 places on his course (at £250 each!) in the first month. Remember, he hadn’t used Facebook or social media at all.

It really is that quick and simple to get done, and we want to help more people like him. Potentially, like you.

We quickly helped him build a Facebook group with almost 1000 members and built him a selection of upsells to go with his course. Because of this, his profits are only going to continue. Do you think you could do the same?

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