You know how important good content is and you totally get
that you should be talking to your clients more, you just don’t always
have the time, and copy just isn’t your thing. 

Sound familiar?

Do you keep MEANING to send more emails to your list, write more blog posts and generally talk to your clients more but something gets in the way? (Maybe you don’t know what to say?)
Find yourself looking at a blank document, struggling to find the words to tell everyone how amazing your services are (even though you know that they really are)
I know it’s difficult to find the time to write those sales emails and blog posts when you’re so busy being an amazing business owner.
But I know that you know content is important, right?
It’s time for you to get some help, right where you need it.

And that’s here.

Hi – my name is Kerrie and I am a kick arse copywriter, social media expert, online business building superstar, sales funnel queen and generally all round good person. 

My purpose in life is to help you create a profitable, scalable, amazingly shiny and full of wonder online business so that you can earn money in your sleep, reach more people with your work and generally live a long, happy and healthy life*

One of my superpowers is being able to write words that attract the right people, to persuade people that what I (you) am offering is their best chance to get the results they are looking for.  I know how to be compelling, to convince, to write the words that your customers want to read. I know how to make your customers feel as though you are talking directly to them, which in turn makes them KNOW that you can solve their problems.  

And how is this relevant to me, Kerrie?

It’s relevant because I think you’re probably a bit like me. 

Not necessarily exactly the same but I see you over there working hard at your business, putting in lots of hours, keeping busy and making your customers super happy. That’s all good. You’re not quite as happy though, are you?  And your family are even less happy, right?

I know what that’s like.

This business you started so that you could free yourself up from working for someone else, isn’t quite bringing you in what you expected is it?  Either in terms of money or the way it makes you feel.

It’s not all bad.  You’re covering your costs, paying your bills and paying yourself a small salary but there’s not a lot left over each month is there?  And it’s bloody hard work for not a lot of return. And you are beginning to doubt whether you CAN do it and really, whether you SHOULD do it.


I’m a single mum of 4 amazing (but bloody hard work) children and about a million animals.  (OK so at last count it was 4 cats, 2 dogs and a pony.  But trust me, there are days when it feels like a million!)

This time 3 years ago the children and I were homeless and I had almost $250,000 of personal debt from a previous business failure.  Pretty crap place to be, right?

Now, that debt is all paid off and I’m just working out which house to buy in rural England.  Life has changed so much for me, and I want to show you how you can change your life the same way.

Last year I had to take 6 months off work while my son went through a really difficult time, family court, problems at school – all kinds of issues which took about 30 hours a week for me to support him with.  (All at the same time as looking after my 8yo who has a heart condition and the rest of the family)

And the only reason I was able to take this time off without worrying about how I was going to pay my bills and rent was because I had an online business and membership site set up that bought me in enough income each month to keep me going.

And that is amazing, yes?

And I want to help you have the same. and I know that one of the biggest things that holds you back from the success you deserve online is words.  And not knowing how to use them.

And I can make that easy for you.

Your Monthly Content Creation package gives you 

All of the copy that you need to : 

Build Your Business
Sell more programmes
Launch your course or membership site
Share your ebooks, videos
Get people to join your Facebook group
Position yourself as an expert online
And so.  Much.  More.

This is for you if :

You are not quite ready to hire a copywriter (too expensive)
But you’re also not interested in learning how to write your own copy (too busy)
If you know you need good content (who doesn’t?)
And you’re looking for a solution that fits where you are right now. (which is busy and growing and in need of a helping hand)

Your Monthly Content Creation Package includes :

8 sales emails – (copy them, paste them, change the details to be relevant to your offer, send them, profit)

4 blog post prompts – (follow the prompts, write the posts, publish them on your blog, share them with your newsletter list, profit)

Access to me – (join the Facebook group, ask me questions, get my advice, implement my advice in your business, profit)

This will work for you if :

You have a business that sells services (121 or online)
You have a mailing list, whether it is tiny or huge
You want to sell more
You want to create more content
You’re ready for the success and exposure that this will bring


How DOES this work then Kerrie?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s the deal.

You signup below and (the first 20 lucky people) will be charged $27 for the first month and then $67 a month afterwards
Every month starting 20th Feb you receive an email from me with everything you need to kill it online with your content and email marketing
You can cancel (and rejoin) any time you like and I promise not to be emotionally scarred for life

Simple, yes? Life’s complicated enough without this making it worse.


Just a few testimonials I have received from happy customers!


Lots of new ideas to implement, thanks for the course!

David Richardson


Thanks for putting together such a great course Kerrie!

Coral Bell 


Kerrie is a butt-kicking online coach & the one I turn to for help with my online biz

Gemma Regaldo Hawkley


Kerrie’s workshop was very clear, helpful, informative and engaging

Dan Harder


Very enjoyable and informative course, thank you Kerrie!

Lois Hipgrave


Kerrie’s training meant that I was able to begin earning cash from my business straight away – woohoo!

Kirsty Calo


Kerrie has lived up to expectations with great advice and encouragement along the journey so far.

John Davy


Very good workshop content, excellent session

Jessica Moore


Very thorough workshop with lots of tips, thank you Kerrie!

Debra Oakaby


Kerrie was so approachable and down-to-earth that it felt like a friend was expertly guiding me

Jo Gillibrand


Kerrie is that rare blend of creativity, talent, conscientiousness and professionalism.

Cara Sutra


Great course which gave me a brilliant Insight to growing my biz

Rich Faulds


Great information that I hadn’t heard before, it will definitely help me grow my business

Asena Yaman 


Lots of new ideas to implement, thanks for the course

David Smith 


Really interesting course, I have a great idea of how to move forwards in growing my business now.  Thank you

Clare Payne


Very good course, thanks

John Brown


Really good course, made me feel better that I’m doing some things right even though I have a long way to go!

Sarah Borril


Kerrie knows her stuff. I am STOKED. If you’ve been in overwhelm trying to keep all the balls in the air with your business HIRE HER. You will not regret it!

Lisa Sharp 


Kerrie is the very reason I more than doubled my income each of the first 4 months of going full-time.

Mariska Anderson 


Having Kerrie on my team is a massive confidence boost, bringing her onside is one of my best business decisions to date

Karen Quinn


I love that we can pop into the Facebook group to ask questions or seek clarification on something and Kerrie jumps in and helps out really quickly

Simone Samuels