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What do I do?

What do you think I do_
Do you know what I do in my business?
Many of you chat to me, like my posts, and engage with me on social media, but do you really know what I do, how I help people and who I help?
If you had to explain in less than 10 words what you know about my business what would you say?
Because it’s occurred to me that unless you know me really well, you’ll never know if I can help you (or one of your friends) and that makes me feel bad to think that maybe I COULD help you achieve your goals – but for some reason I haven’t explained myself well.
So I’d love to hear from you what YOU think I do in my business. 

Comment below and tell me :)

Do you ever take a whole day away from your business


The idea of taking a day off completely and not thinking about work at all doesn’t really exist for me, but at the same time my work doesn’t feel like a chore. 

Yes, I spend a fair amount of time doing things that I don’t necessarily LOVE (admin = ugh for me) but I do it because it needs to be done. 

Same way I unstack the dishwasher and put the laundry away.  Not because I love it but because it needs to be done in order for me to have clean clothes and dishes.

I hear so many people say that they would love the results that I get, but they are not prepared to do the work that it takes to get the results. 

I hired a friend once to make cold calls for me, she made 2 and then decided that she didn’t want to do it any more because although both people were nice to her, they both said no and that made her decide she wasn’t going to do it any more.

She still complains that she has no money and she wishes she was as lucky as I was.

She’s a good friend so I haven’t been as harsh with her as I might be with someone else. 

I’m not lucky – I work hard.  Yes I love every (most) minutes of it but that’s not the point, I work hard.  There are jobs I don’t like doing but I do them, or delegate them. 

I really believe that nothing gets handed to you on a plate, yes you can have HUGE successes online for less time and money investment than you’d need in a bricks and mortar store but that doesn’t mean that it all just appears the moment you decide to do that. 

You’ve all heard the phrase if it was that easy everyone would be doing it, right?

Well that’s true.

It doesn’t have to be hard but its also not that easy.  Bit like anything in life, right?

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I am responsible

I’ve just finished listening to the Year of Yes audiobook, it was brilliant.
She talked in it about how writing the script for Greys Anatomy was like laying a train track and how if she stopped laying the track, that the producers and actors and everyone would catch up and would run out of track to keep going on and that everything would come to a halt and that it would be her fault.
I realised today that I am responsible for laying my own track.
I keep trying to run on ahead but there is no track laid. There are no foundations.
I need to lay the track for me.
It’s like there are 2 different versions of me.
Me who is the planner, the thinker, the creator, the ideas me and then me who is the do-er, the action taker.
I like both of me. And I can’t have one without the other.
I’m learning to balance the two versions of me. And not have action taking Kerrie try and run ahead of laying the foundations Kerrie.
It’s complicated. But good.
So laying the foundations Kerrie has been working her butt off today with laying foundations for new things, new businesses, new plans, new lives.
And action taking Kerrie has been forced to sit quietly and mind her own business for a while, which is funny – because she is not very good at that.
Foundations Kerrie has set up a new special free offer for any of you who are looking for some help with your social media, you can download Social Growth, a 6 module training course in how to set up your social media for free this month. Link is in the comments.

Time vs Money

It never ceases to amaze me how people think they can set up an online business and make millions in their first year without putting in any investment.
To grow any business you need to invest time or money. Or both.
Think about it.
You can either spend 2-3 years learning everything, making mistakes and trying over and over again to get something right and eventually get to where you want to be OR you can invest in some coaching or training and get there even more quickly. Or you can pay someone to do it for you.
None of these options are the easy option.
You could be waiting 2-3 years to see profits (and if you work out your monthly income that you COULD achieve this can sometimes be a really costly option – imagine if your expected average income was £10,000 per month and you waited 2 years to achieve this? Not hiring someone has cost you £240,000) which is not easy if you are an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference NOW.
Or you have to invest something now. If you invest in training its a 2 way investment, you are investing the money in the training course, mastermind, group coaching, 121 coaching etc AND then you have to invest the time to implement what you learn. It is a much quicker way than learning it yourself, but it comes with a money price tag.
The third option is to pay someone to do it for you. This is not my preferred option because I think its really important that you learn what you are doing with your business. Handing over all control to a third party is risky because it is out of your hands. It will also be the most upfront expensive option in terms of money. And remember, its your responsibility to give the third party EVERYTHING they need to complete the work, which is never as easy as you think its going to be.
I can guarantee you that none of you would expect to open an real world bricks and mortar shop with 0 financial investment and expect to be profitable in the first couple of months.
So why are there so many entrepreneurs who seem to think they can do this online?
I don’t understand.
It takes time and money to be successful.
If you have limited amounts of one then you need to be prepared to have lots of the other.
I’ve been running my own online businesses since 2003. That’s almost 14 years. And I still make mistakes, have months which are less profitable because I took a risk that didn’t play out the way I hoped it would.
I invested heavily in mentoring over the last 2 years. This year I am investing time. Lots and lots of time. Learning.
What are you doing to grow your online business? Which route did you choose? Were you ever one of the people who hoped for huge financial success NOW? Or maybe you still are?ocrpjce6gpk-vitaly

Manifesting your goals


I’ve always been a bit wary of the word manifesting as it seems to be a bit of a fluffy word that implies all you have to do is to ask for something and it will appear.

Manifesting used to mean magic to me.  As in “I’m going to manifest a million pounds this month” and then you sit back and wait for it to magically appear in your bank account .

This is rubbish, this is not how manifesting works.

But it is how a lot of people seem to think it works.

The fact is manifesting takes work and effort, like anything else.  It is not enough to just decide that you want something to happen, you have to really believe in it and you have to take action.

Here’s mu guide to how to manifest what you want in life and business.

1 – Be specific.  Don’t just say I want to manifest some new clients or lots of money.  Be specific about what you want.  If you say you want to manifest money don’t be surprised if you find coins on the floor or a £5 note hidden in a jeans pocket.  That’s money.  You manifested it.  But its most likely not what you mean, right?

2 – Write it down.  More than once.  I like to write my goals down every morning and every night.  Write it in the present tense as well so instead of saying “I want to manifest £100 this week” or “I’m going to try and manifest £100 this week” I would write “It is xx day and I am so excited that I have an extra £100 in my bank account!” See the difference?  Make it positive and present tense.

3 – If you are manifesting money give it a home.  Don’t just ask for £100.  Say what it is for.  So you’d write “It is xx day and I am so excited that I have an extra £100 in my bank account which I am going to spend on a new pair of shoes and clear the last bit on my credit card” or something like that.  If you want to pay off lots of little debts write them down. If it is going into a savings account then say that.  Give the money a home.

4 – Really believe it can happen.  Get into the way it would feel.  Act as if.  Act as if you already had that £100 in your pocket. What shoes are you going to buy?  Find them online, print out their photo and stick it into your journal.  Are you going to go to a shop to buy them, plan the day and decide who you’re going to take shopping with you.  If you’re going to pay a debt then maybe write a chq out ready to post.  Get into the way of living as if it had already happened.  Assume it is going to happen.  Its a bit like when you order a pizza.  You phone and pay for it and then you sit back and wait.  You don’t spend that half an hour worrying that it might not arrive, you know that it is going to arrive because you’ve taken the right action so you go and get ready for it.  You get a plate and knife and fork out, you pour yourself a glass of wine.  Do the same for whatever you are manifesting, assume that its coming and plan accordingly.

5 – Release all fears and worries about whether it is going to happen.  Don’t waste time panicking in case it doesn’t happen.  Desperation is the opposite of manifestation.

6 – Take action.  Make it happen.  Don’t just sit there and wait.  You want to manifest being a dress size smaller then exercise and look at your diet.  If you’re trying to manifest £100 then what do you have you can sell or how else could you make that money.  Make a list of 10 crazy ways that money could come to you.  Take action on them.  It won’t happen just like that, you have to make it happen.

7 – Mindset – Write a list of all the reasons that it is not going to happen.  Work out what the core negative belief is there, maybe its that you’re not good enough or that nothing ever works out the way you want it.  Do some mindset work to get rid of that core negative belief.  You can either do EFT (tapping) or journal or use this technique shown here to get rid of limiting beliefs.

8 – More mindset – Write a list of all the great things that are going to happen when you have manifested what you’re working on.  And then a list of all the bad things that could happen.  You want to have a list that shows both the good and bad possibilities.  Then clear the negatives.  Use EFT again or just set the intention that they won’t happen.

9 – Journal.  every day write out your goals

10 – Gratitude.  – Be super grateful for everything that you have in your life that is good or teaching you a lesson.  Write it out every day if you can.  The more grateful you are for what you have the more good will be delivered to you.

But the more important out of all of these is action.  Take action.  Don’t sit back and wait.  Get out there and take action and you’ll see results.

This week I am manifesting 100 new people to sign up for my new membership site.  This is the work I’ve done so far today on it.

fullsizerender img_1404

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining the membership site you can read all about it here – the official launch is next Monday 9th Jan.

Happy 2017 lovelies!

I’m excited to announce that I’m kicking off 2017 in the way that i mean to go on, with the amazing launch of my new membership site.

Entrepreneur Success Revolution

I want this to be way more than your usual membership site.  I’m doing stuff that has never been done before, I’m offering behind the scenes looks at my launches, finances, day by day routine and swipe files of the actual emails I send as part of my campaigns as well as a whole pile of training courses.

In addition, there will be a big focus on mindset and routine – it takes more than just the right tools to run a successful business.

When you join you get access to a library of trainings covering different skills and strategies that you can use right now to grow your business.

You also get new trainings every single week and special offer discounts on any new products that I launch.

Some of the special trainings that are going to be available right from day 1 include…

1 – Social Growth. 

A video based course on how exactly what YOU need to do to set up your social media so that you are bringing in new leads and have all of your branding set up.  This is a 6 part course that retails for £497 but is included free in the Entrepreneur Success Revolution.

2 – Behind the scenes of my 2016

A month by month breakdown of what I did, launched, earned, spent.  I’m very honest about my successes and failures.

3 – Your Social Media Business in a box

This one is epic, I have packaged up my successful 6 figure social media business for you here so that YOU can start your own social media company from scratch.  It is over 20 videos and sells for over £2000 but I would love you to learn from it and see how easy it is to set up an online business.

4 – How to tech videos

My library of over 20 short “how to” tech videos including how to set up a landing page, paypal button, build a sales page, create your first mailing list.  This is an amazing library which will be added to every week (and if you have a question just submit it n the group and I’ll record a video especially for you.

As well as lots of webinars and other good stuff.

Basically, there is a ridiculous amount of value packed into this membership site and I am adding new trainings every single week.

If this looks interesting now is the best time to join.

It’s currently for sale on a £1 trial for the first 7 days and then a monthly membership of just £15.  

The site is due to go live on Monday 9th January.  From this date the monthly price will be £25.

I can’t wait to see you in there




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Guest Blog – Top Tips for Productivity Gods and Goddesses


Do you find yourself running around with a zillion things to do, getting tired, a little bit stressed and worn out by 4pm then needing a little lie down in a dark room? Oh, me too, well at least, I used to. Then I started looking at my productivity and realised that things needed to change otherwise I was facing burn out.

I do not profess to be an expert, I am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to work more efficiently and stay serene and calm (okay I made the second bit up) but I am keen to work smarter and not harder, so I thought I would share the stuff that works for me.

I think that being organised is very important and I think I am, but you can be organised beautifully and still not get stuff done, you might have a super tidy desk though. And lots of fab stationery. I was that perfectly organised person, but not necessarily getting stuff done.

Allow me to share my top 14 tips for you to take away that work, I have shared these with numerous business owners and had great feedback.

  1. Eat the frog. Mark Twain once said if the worst thing you had to do daily was eat a live frog then the rest of the day would be wonderful in comparison. Then a chap called Brian Tracy wrote a book called Eat That Frog. The premise is that you need to get the worst possible job you are dreading out of the way first thing, don’t let it hang over you and spoil your day. If you have two awful tasks to tackle, do the least revolting one first.

  1. Once a week normally on a Monday when I plan my week, I ask myself where do I want to be in a weeks’ time? This could be financially, physically or goals wise. Then I plan my week and create a to do list for that day. I do another to do list the following day as things come in by e mail and stuff changes in terms of priorities.

  1. To do lists. I swear by these but I ensure that they have my priorities on them otherwise I am just busy, not getting the important stuff done. I use systems like marking things hot/warm/cold for stating importance or I high light different tasks in different colours. I then select the order I work in, I number things until my list is complete and of course, I eat the frog first.

NB: I also write my goal for the day at the top – sometimes it’s a serous one ‘make twenty sales calls’ or ‘enjoy myself’. Whatever works for you and motivates you! If I get distracted (Facebook or washing up) I ask myself ‘is what I am doing right now taking me towards that goal or away from it?’ That’s stops me messing around with the washing up.

  1. Often I feel completely overwhelmed at the volume of what needs doing. Instead of reaching for the duvet to pull over my head, I find that putting things from my to do list into a calendar moves it from ‘urgent and must do now’, to ‘allocated into another day and time slot’, and therefore, I am back in control.

  1. Chunk tasks. You can easily identify the tasks that are of a similar nature. For example, checking emails and creating emails. Stick at the chunk of tasks until they are done. Similarly, checking your social media replies followed by pasting content into your buffer account. Keep it similar and your brain will thank you.

  1. This leads on from point five really, stop multi-tasking. It’s been proven that it is distracting and means you are not focused 100% so it tires the brain. I used to multi task and now I have stopped I am far more productive. Try it – just for a day and see if it helps you too.

  1. My all-time top tip is this one – it’s called the Pomodoro technique. Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes then have a 5-minute break. I prefer 50 minutes working and a ten-minute break, as I can do more in ten minutes (make a real coffee from scratch, text a friend, read a few pages of a magazine) but do what works for you. Breaks are incredibly important, the brain is a muscle, it tires and needs time off.

  1. Choose when and where you work best. I am a 6am/7am girl and I love working in bed with a pot of tea on the go. My brain is rested and I write best and think best first thing. By 530 pm, I am only capable of filing so I file then. But if you can work until 3am, then good for you. Do what suits you.

  1. Rewards – I constantly spoil myself, it doesn’t have to be an expensive habit. I will have fresh flowers in my workspace all year round. Going out to get them is a break and I end up with a treat too. Other things I treat myself to after working hard are: a new magazine, a pot of nail varnish or I might go crazy and book a facial, spa break or a massage. I don’t have a boss to lavish praise and rewards, so I do it myself!

  1. Email. I only check it twice a day am and pm, but I’ve heard others swear by three times, at 830 am, 1230 and 430 pm. Do what works for you, but if you are worried about people thinking you are ignoring them, pop an out of office message on and include your mobile so they can ring you if it’s urgent. You will get far more done in one day with this tip alone, I promise you.

  1. Do what you love, if you get up with a huge smile and a spring in your step you’ll work to make it work.

  1. Stop at the end of the day and give yourself credit, if like me you have no boss to do so, learn to be your own cheerleader. It’s an idea to write down your successes, pop them on post it notes and remind yourself how fabulous you are.

  1. When I started to work from home full time I had to ask myself ‘what are my time killers?’ Mine are social media, housework and checking things online. Now if I catch myself doing one of these in work time, I say STOP out loud and get back to work. I now have a messy flat and loads of friends on Facebook who wonder where I am. But I get my work done.

  1. Paper ticks, each time you touch a piece of paper and don’t deal with it put a tick in the top right hand corner, when you get to three ticks you must do it now.

I would love to hear from you with anything you use that helps you work more efficiently, I trust my tips were handy, let me know what your favourite one

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What to post on Pinterest



Now it is all very well having a Pinterest account, but what should you be posting there? Here are my top 5 tips for content that can be shared on Pinterest which will help you grow your business.

1 – Your blog posts. This is so important and a step that many people miss out on. Promote yourself on your Pinterest board. Create a board called My blog posts and every time you blog, pin it. You can install the Pin button to your navigation bar which makes this super easy to do.

2 – Testimonials. Everyone loves a nice testimonial, don’t they? If you have created images with your customers testimonials in then you can pin them to a board called “Customer Feedback, Testimonials, Love from my tribe”

3 – Special offers. If you have a special promotion running, Pin it. Have a board especially for your offers and promotions. Tell people about your opt in, any special offers, discounts or affiliate schemes you have.

4 – Other people’s content. Share pins from other people in your industry or that you know your ideal customer would be interested in. Build your brand and position yourself as an expert in your field.

5 – Personal info. Everyone loves to know who is behind the business, so show them. Have a board called “My Family” and share pics of your kids, your home, your pets. Bond with your customers, get to know them and let them get to know you.

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How to Hashtag!


  1. A hastag is this #
  2. It was invented by twitter users as a way to be able to search for information quickly on twitter.
  3. When you use a hashtag on twitter it becomes searchable. Click on it to bring up ALL of the other tweets where that hashtag has been used
  4. You can’t use spaces in a hashtag
  5. But you can use numbers
  6. You can invent your own hashtag #iamthebestpersoninthewholeworldevertruefact
  7. But using our own invented hashtag wont have the same awesome results as using hashtags that are popular and used by others
  8. You can use hashtags on ALL social media platforms even though they were invented on twitter
  9. Keep your hashtags relevant to your business
  10. Check out the popular trends and if they are relevant to you then join in with them and use the hashtags
  11. Don’t use more than 3 or 4 hashtags in one social media post

11 ways to improve your blogging


You probably know how important your blog is when it comes to marketing your business, right?

So here are 11 actions that you can take NOW to improve your blog and help bring in new customers.

Include the blog as a section of your website and not as a standalone blog elsewhere.  This is important for driving traffic to your website.

Blog regularly and share interesting content that your ideal customer will want to read.  Regularly means at least once a week.  

Apply to guest post on blogs that your ideal customer would read.  And then share the links on your own blog!

Re-purpose your content, take content from your ebook and publish it as a blog.  Take content from your blog and make it into images.

Encourage people to guest blog on your site – as long as the subject is relevant and of interest to your readers.

Comment on other blogs that your customers would read. Blog regularly on your own blog.

Vary your blog content, include words, graphics and videos.  Make it interesting!

Share your blog post on all social media channels.  All the time!

Write roundup posts on your blog and link to other bloggers.  This is a great way to get comments and links to your blog.

Ask questions in Facebook groups and then use the answers you get to write a blog post

Set up a survey in survey monkey and ask people to complete it – use the results in a blog post

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Lists are a great way to organise the people you are following


Twitter lists


Lists are a great way to organise the people you are following and to keep your following / follower ratio under control.


You don’t have to be following someone to add them to a list.


To create a list you go to the settings tab in the top right corner of the screen and select lists.


Give your new list a name and then you are ready to start adding people to it.


Click on the profile of someone you want to add to your list and select the wheel / cog icon on the right hand side of the screen.


Select the add to list option and put them on the appropriate list.


When you look at your list you will see all of the tweets of the people on that list.


This enables you to segment the people you are following and makes it easier to find specific content to share.

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