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1 – it is the best way to get paid while you sleep

2 – it will position you as an expert in your industry

3 – you’ll learn tonnes of new skills while you do so

4 – you’ll be able to reach and help more customers without working more hours

5 – my method is very different to most people’s, its simple and makes a lot of sense

6 – I give you access to all of my templates and make the tech super simple

7 – you can launch your course in less than  week if you are keen and ready to go

8 – you get to talk to me every day in the FB group, once a week on a group zoom call and once a month in person at our live training days

9 – you’ll be part of a group of people who are all in the same position you are, building and launching their first online courses

10 – you’ll get support from everyone in the community

11 – you’ll get lots of guest expert training from my network

12 – once you’re up and running and selling your course it’s a whole new stream of income in your business

13 – everyone in the mastermind has paid to be there and is committed to success

14 – we run live challenges to help get sales and build your course

15 – you get full access to my amazing team to help you grow your business

16 – you can pay in one go or monthly, whichever suits your business and your budget

For more information go HERE

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Who can you talk to this week?

Telephone call

How many times a week do you speak to brand new people on the phone?

I think I’ve said before that my goal is 5 a day, so far in the last 2 days I’ve had 11 calls with new people so I’m right on track.

Talking to potential clients, new contacts every day is the best way to grow your business.

Even if they don’t work with you then and there you never know where that conversation is going to take you.

You’ll get to practise your skills at pitching your business, explaining what you do and you’ll get to learn about so many of your potential customers problems, expectations and what they are working on.

I love hearing about everyone’s different experiences with online businesses and I’m always confident that I can give them some tips and set them off in the right direction when it comes to planning their membership site, digital programme or other online business.

How do you think your business would change if you tried to have an actual phone conversation with just 1 potential new customer every day?

As much as I love my digital businesses where people click and buy, I also love the bigger picture stuff where people get on a call with me and talk to me.

So many of my blog posts are based on these calls. Challenge yourself – who can you talk to this week?

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I Love Mondays

cup of tea

I love a nice Monday.

I’m sitting here this morning with my cup of tea and notepad as I do every morning once the girls are at school looking ahead at the week and what it has to offer.

This week, I have 4 kick off calls with new clients, 9 sales calls with potential clients and 5 chats with cool people in my calendar.

That will get busier as the week goes on; I am planning to talk to over 30 new people this week. I’ve also kicked off my “behind the scenes of building an online business in less than 60 days that brings in over 5K a month” project and have some great people signed up in both the free and the paid group to watch me do so.

I have picked 2 or 3 different ones and research them all before making a decision. Any special requests of an industry you’d like to see me work on?

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What is your biggest challenge?


What’s your biggest challenge around creating online content?

For instance, emails to send to your list, blog posts, opt ins, video series, webinars, free challenges, online courses, ebooks etc?

Is it because you don’t know where to start, or don’t see the value?

Or don’t think you’ve got anything to say?

I work with authors and service based businesses to create online courses and other online content offerings.

Interested to hear what your biggest content challenges are and see if I can offer advice or help.

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Have I spoken to you yet?


One of my goals is to talk to 5 people every day about how they can bring online income into their business. Not necessarily to sell to them but to educate. To share my story. To show them the difference having online courses, masterminds, products set up is making to my business and my life.

I love these calls.

Every day I speak to so many different people, from authors of multiple books to authors who are still writing their first book. From business coaches to life coaches and mindset and spiritual coaches. I speak to consultants, service providers, social media managers, copywriters and graphic designers.

Finding out about everyone, what they do, how they do it, what they dream of and hope for in their business – I love it. 

And a side benefit for me is if they choose to work with me. But I don’t ever put pressure on anyone, I love working with people who want to work with me – not those who I have sold into it when they weren’t sure.

So, have I spoken to you yet? And if not why not?

If you have half an hour to spare, I’m pretty sure I can show you how you can incorporate an online product into your business, potentially even one that can bring you in 6 figures of income over the next 12 months.

Does that sound like a good use of your time?

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What would you do with those extra 10/20/30 hours a week?


I had a really interesting conversation this week (well, lots really but this one in particular) with a potential client who mentioned she was earning around £5k a month but working 50-60 hours a week to do so.

This is a really common story with authors and coaches who I speak to every day. The money is good but they are working flat out and often have no idea where their next clients or leads are coming from.

My response was, “What if we got you to the stage where you were still earning the same but in 20 hours a week by using online products?”

Not everyone wants to earn more money. Sometimes I think that the best gift I give my clients is more time and more space.

I love asking the question “What would you do with those extra 10/20/30 hours a week?” I get amazing answers ranging from spend more time with my kids, volunteer, set up a other business, put more effort back into this business, look after my parents.

So now I’m asking you. What would you do if you could earn the same money and have a greater impact on people’s lives in half the time? What could you create in that space?


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What are you REALLY good at?


What are you REALLY good at in your business?

What’s the one thing you’ve always been able to do that you assumed was just normal until you realised that maybe it was something that other people couldn’t do?

One of my favourite party trick skills is to be able to look at a dropbox full of content from someone who has been running their business for years, and clearly see how it all maps out into an online business. Sales funnels, products, upsells and downsells, free optin gifts, stories that can be told in the email sequences – it all becomes clear before my eyes and I love to map it all out, and then show the owner of all that content exactly what they can create. It’s like a jigsaw.

Some people would be intimidated by 1000 pieces of puzzle in a box with no picture of what its supposed to look like, but not me. I look at all those little pieces and instantly know what connects to what to make it look exactly how it needs to look.

What’s your favourite skill in your business?

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Launch a Business Challenge

If I were to start a project on 1st May to set up a new online business in a field where I have no clients, no credibility and no customers – would you be interested in following along with my progress and seeing just how quickly I can scale it to 5K a month? (best guess is between 30 and 60 days)

This is the service that we offer to our clients and I thought it might be interesting to run one as a case study so that I can document it all and show you exactly what I do.

There will probably be 2 levels, the free one where I’ll post once a week with an update on what’s happened that week and give you a progress report and a paid group where my team and I will post multiple times every day and tell you exactly what we’re doing, how we did it, what worked, what needed improvement and share step by step all of our actions.

The paid group won’t be expensive, probably £50 ish?

I’d love to hear whether this would be interesting to you – you’re under no obligation to join or buy if you reply but do you think this would be interesting to follow? Would you like to see exactly how I plan, launch, build and scale an online business to $5K a month in less than 60 days?
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What would a business that was generating 5K a month be worth to you?


Here’s an interesting question for you.

What would a business that was generating 5K a month be worth to you? How much would you expect to pay for a business that regularly generated 5K a month? One that you could buy and then spend around 10 hours a week on growing?

There are many ways that you can value a business, but one of the most common is the PE ratio (price to earnings) which basically says that you should multiply your normalised profit by 3 to 5. So 5K a month is 60K a year turnover.

Let’s be really pessimistic and assume that 30K of that is normalised profit for your first year, taking into account startup costs, 3 months work to get it to 5K a month and an ad spend of up to 1K a month. Using the bulk standard PE calculation this online business would be worth between 90K and 150K if you were to buy it. That’s pretty good going, right?

Of course, selling a business always depends on finding the right buyer at the right time, who is prepared to pay the right price. And regardless of whether you are planning on building an online business to keep or to sell, I can show you how to use your existing content and knowledge that you already have within your business to build something that is potentially worth 6 figures within a year.

What’s stopping you?

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How can I help you use the internet to skyrocket your profile business and profits?

internet 2

For those of you who are still relying on face to face networking and referrals to grow your business and find new clients – imagine what your business could look like if you learned to harness the power of the online world.

Instead of just working with people who live close to you and you can help one to one imagine if people in other cities, countries and continents could be your ideal clients.

Imagine if you could work with 10 people at once, and offer them all the same level of transformation that you offer your one on one clients.

The majority of my business income is from my online products and services and I love this even more. Knowing that someone in New York, who would never have heard of me if it wasn’t for Linkedin, has read one of my posts, reached out to me, bought my mastermind, followed the steps to create their own course and make over $10,000 profit in the first 6 weeks of doing so is the best feeling ever.

I don’t honestly understand why anyone would choose to continue to play small in 2018. You may love helping people face to face who live within 50 miles of you, but I promise you that you’ll love helping people in other countries even more.

So what’s holding you back and how can I help you use the internet to skyrocket your profile business and profits?

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