Who can you talk to this week?

Telephone call

How many times a week do you speak to brand new people on the phone?

I think I’ve said before that my goal is 5 a day, so far in the last 2 days I’ve had 11 calls with new people so I’m right on track.

Talking to potential clients, new contacts every day is the best way to grow your business.

Even if they don’t work with you then and there you never know where that conversation is going to take you.

You’ll get to practise your skills at pitching your business, explaining what you do and you’ll get to learn about so many of your potential customers problems, expectations and what they are working on.

I love hearing about everyone’s different experiences with online businesses and I’m always confident that I can give them some tips and set them off in the right direction when it comes to planning their membership site, digital programme or other online business.

How do you think your business would change if you tried to have an actual phone conversation with just 1 potential new customer every day?

As much as I love my digital businesses where people click and buy, I also love the bigger picture stuff where people get on a call with me and talk to me.

So many of my blog posts are based on these calls. Challenge yourself – who can you talk to this week?

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