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I used to wonder why some of my clients got amazing results working for me, and others not so much.  I took on ALL OF THE RESPONSIBILITY for their successes, but also beat myself up over their failures. 

And then I realised – it’s not always about you Kerrie.  (although secretly deep down I know it is in fact all about me haha)

The long and short of it is this : I am not responsible for your success in your online business, or for that matter, your failure.  You are the one who has to know your audience, and product and processes and do most of the hard work.  I just help you get the results that you deserve. 

I’ve got better and better at recognising who I will be good at working with and who I need to refer on to someone else. 

I thought these 5 reasons why you should NOT work with me would be useful to share, if any of them stop you from working with me then they’ve done their job!

I’m blunt, honest and will say it like it is.  If I don’t think you’re pulling your weight, I’ll tell you.  If I think the content that you’ve created is not going to work, then I’ll be honest with you.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a bitch but I do have 4 small humans who live in my house and I understand the fine line between nurturing support and letting you get away with behaviour that is not going to benefit you in the long run.  If you’re looking for someone on your team who is going to always tell you that you’re brilliant and amazing and well on your way to making millions of pounds by doing nothing – then you probably (definitely) need to look elsewhere…

I grew up working in IT in the city in organisations with big trading floors.  And that means that I swear, not much when I’m with the kids but the odd shit and fuck are likely to slip out in my writing and my speech.  I’m not a total potty mouth and I do appreciate the fine art of language, but I can’t promise not to say bugger off or bollocks if I stub my toe when we’re talking.

I have beautiful multicoloured mermaid hair and a pierced septum and various other places.  This is a big problem for a lot of people.  I’ve been told many times that my face is damaging my brand (which is interesting when my face IS my brand) and that I’d be taken a lot more seriously if I just lost weight, dyed my hair brown again and removed my septum piercing.  Those kind of comments make me want to run out eat cakes, add some green to my currently purple hair and get MORE PIERCINGS.  But I manage to resist doing that and instead just wave those people goodbye and wish them well in their plain, simple lives.  If you’re looking for someone to blend in to the background with you and remind you how amazing you are every time we speak then I’m definitely not the right person for you.

I will keep you accountable to what you say you’re going to do.  Trust me, with 4 kids I am very good at the (kind) nagging that is needed to make sure you follow through.  Turning up to work with me time and time again with a whole pile of excuses as to why you haven’t done the thing that you said you were going to do isn’t going to cut it with me.  DO THE THING THAT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO DO.  Have you done it yet?

I’m an ideas person, a creative genius some might say.  I’m going to push you out of your comfort zone and make you do things before you are ready.  I’m going to tell you that its a brilliant idea to write a book, launch a new website and take on 4 more customers this week.  Yes, do it.  I will encourage you to embrace done over perfect and to be vulnerable and share your experiences instead of worrying abut what people will think and analysing everything to the nth degree.  This is your life, live it.

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